Buying used containers and things to keep in mind

Businesses are in need of use old containers to save investment costs but don’t know which reputable and quality supplier to choose. Don’t worry! The following article will suggest some experiences for businesses to choose the best used containers.

Why should you choose used containers?

Why should you choose used containers?

It can be said that containers are the most popular means of transportation today, thanks to their ability to transport large quantities of goods over long distances. Therefore, when choosing to buy containers, businesses need to pay attention to accessories, especially the condition of the container.

Origin of old containers

Old containers can simply be understood as products that have been used for several years. At first, new containers are used to serve the transportation of goods at sea, but after a few years of use, to ensure safety during operations, all containers will be replaced. this container.

Discarded containers can be sold to specialized buying and selling companies and are priced at only 1/3 of the price when purchased new. Although labeled as a used container, the quality of this type of container is considered to be still very good, and can even be used for another 50 years under good storage conditions.

Used containers

Used containers

Why should you buy used containers to use?

In business, using old containers will help save a lot of costs because the price is quite cheap, the quality is considered as good as new, suitable for businesses with limited finances.

Below are some benefits that businesses will receive when using old containers.

Cost savings

The first benefit that can be mentioned when buying liquidated containers is cost savings, because a new container will cost around $2,000 – $10,000 (equivalent to 44,000,000 – 220,000,000 VND/cont). . Meanwhile, the price of liquidated containers only ranges from $800 – $3000 (equivalent to 17,000,000 – 65,000,000 VND/cont).

Buying used containers helps save costs

Mua Old containers help save costs

Doesn’t take too much time

In fact, refrigerated container prices and other types depend on the size the business wants to buy. Furthermore, when ordering a new container, it takes at least 3 months to wait for shipping from abroad. However, if businesses buy used goods, the goods are always available, full size and affordable.

Environmental friendliness

Compared to buying new containers, used containers are better for the environment, because utilizing old containers reduces the production of new containers. From there, it contributes to protecting the environment, reducing CO2 emissions and steel waste (saving up to 3,500kg of steel).

What should you pay attention to when buying used containers?

As life increasingly develops, people find many new solutions to serve their daily needs. Along with that, old containers have been widely used in the market. Therefore, choosing how to buy used containers to ensure quality is extremely important. Below are some things to note when choosing to buy used containers.

Choose a reputable seller

Currently, there are many units providing used containers with different quality and prices. To buy good quality containers, businesses should choose reputable units that have been in the business for many years and avoid cheap, unoriginal products.

Old containers with good quality

Old containers with good quality

 Check the quality before deciding to buy

The best way is for businesses to directly check every detail and not “close the order” without careful observation. During the inspection process, businesses need to step inside the box and close the door. If there is a hole in the box, light will shine through. Next, check to see if the lock and door are working properly, and don’t forget to look for dents in the ceiling.

Inside of the container

Inside of the container

 Choose the size appropriate to your needs

Determine the container size before purchasing to ensure the product meets usage needs and avoid shortages or waste.

Reasons to buy used containers at Hung Thinh Container

On the market, there are many units providing used containers with quality and reasonable prices, including Hung Thinh Container. Operating unit with more than 15 years of experience in buying, selling, and liquidating old containers, Hung Thinh Container is always proud to bring businesses the best quality products at reasonable prices.

Hung Thinh Container is chosen by many users because:

  • Professional and fast working process.
  • Trading, purchasing and liquidating old containers at reasonable prices.
  • Dedicated service.
  • Container sizes vary.

If your business needs to use and buy used containers at a reasonable price, please call Hung Thinh Container immediately for advice as soon as possible. Hung Thinh Container will bring businesses the most satisfaction and satisfaction in product quality!

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