What is a refrigerated container? Structure and applications of refrigerated containers

Appearing on the market since the 60s of the 20th century, refrigerated containers gradually becoming popular and replacing the traditional method of transport by refrigerated ships with the ability to control temperature and provide optimal cold air.

Currently, shipping by refrigerated containers is an essential need of businesses specializing in providing goods that need to be preserved at low temperatures such as fresh food (meat, fish,…), vegetables, fruit, and pharmaceuticals. ,…

What is a refrigerated container? 

Refrigerated containers (Reefer container) is one of two popular types of containers on the market today, with a built-in cooler with temperatures ranging from -25oC đến 25oC. This type of container is used for the main purpose of transporting and preserving items such as fresh food, vegetables, fruits, drugs, pharmaceuticals,…

Refrigerated containers are increasingly widely used in the market

Refrigerated containers are increasingly widely used in the market

Just like dry containers, refrigerated containers are currently produced in a very diverse variety refrigerated container size, including: 10 feet, 20 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet, helping you easily choose the product that suits your needs.

Container characteristics

  • Designed with steel so it is very sturdy, highly durable, and can be reused many times.
  • Additional equipment allows convenient loading and unloading, making it especially easy to move from one place to another.
  • With a special design, it is possible to transport goods by one or more different modes of transport (ship, train, specialized truck) without having to remove or close it.
  • Can easily pack and remove goods from the container with a simple, easy-to-use design.

Refrigerated container characteristics

Structure of refrigerated container


Designed with a sturdy, quality stainless steel frame and floor to help withstand a large amount of goods, the walls and roof are covered in 3 layers with the outer layer made of aluminum or stainless steel, the middle layer is PU. Helps insulate well with a thickness of 60mm, the innermost layer is corrugated stainless steel to increase stiffness.


The box removal part: with material is thép corten so it has very high sustainability, can be used to transport goods continuously all over the world because it can withstand collisions, impacts or environmental impacts.

Air conditioning part: use quality air conditioning equipment from famous brands: Thermoking, Daikin, Carrier, Mitsubishi,… In the cooling system there will be an evaporator and compressor.

Refrigerated container structure

Temperature range 

With an air conditioning capacity of 7.5Hp in the container, many famous and quality air conditioners are used.

With the indirect cooling method using a modern fan with a temperature of -30 degrees to 30 degrees, it is suitable for storing many types of fresh goods: vegetables, meat, and seafood.

Container shell

The container shell is composed of 3 layers:

  • The outer layer is made of stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Insulation PU layer in the middle with high compression ratio, 600mm thick.
  • The innermost layer is made of stainless steel.

Container shells have outstanding strength, heat resistance, and moisture resistance, ensuring that goods are not penetrated by bacteria or affected by the environment during transportation. At the same time, play the role of preserving and ensuring the safety and quality of the goods inside.

Cooling system

The refrigeration system includes air conditioners, evaporators, and compressors. In particular, air conditioners are often chosen from famous brands such as Thermoking, Daikin, Mitsubishi.

In addition, the structure of this type of container also has an automatic power shutdown system and cooling from a fan.

Refrigerated containers are cooled indirectly through cooling fans designed in a closed structure with a temperature range from -30oC đến 30oC, Suitable for preserving fresh foods such as vegetables, tubers, meat, fish, etc.

With the indirect cooling system via cooling fan, you can easily adjust the temperature according to your needs automatically through the control panel.

What types of refrigerated containers are there?

Refrigerated containers are divided into many different types. Among them, the following types are most commonly used:

10 foot refrigerated container.

The size of this container model is compact, flexible, and easy to transport. Often used as warehouses, office buildings, mini warehouses, restrooms or container housing.

20 feet RF refrigerated container 

Container 20 feet RF lạnh

20 feet RF refrigerated container

Refrigerated RF 20-foot container is specialized for transporting items such as seafood, fruit, fresh food,… with the lowest temperature of -23oC.

40 feet RF refrigerated container 

With its large size, the 40-foot RF refrigerated container can meet the needs of transporting large quantities of goods, helping to optimize costs effectively.

40 feet RF refrigerated container

40 feet RF refrigerated container

Compared to a regular 40-foot container, the internal size of a 40-foot RF refrigerated container will be smaller because it is equipped with an additional layer of cold storage and refrigeration equipment.

40 feet HC-RF refrigerated container 

Has higher height dimensions than conventional 40 feet containers.

45 feet container

The large size can carry a large amount of goods, but in fact the 45-foot container is only slightly larger than the 40-foot container, so it is difficult to distinguish just by looking at the outside. However, this type of container is not used much in Vietnam.

>>> Refer to detailed information about types of refrigerated containers at here

Size standards of popular reefer containers

Below are the size standards of the most popular types of refrigerated containers today.

SIZE STANDARD 20 feet RF refrigerated container  40 feet RF refrigerated container  40 feet HC-RF refrigerated container 
Shell size  Outside – Width: 2.440mm.

– Height: 2.590mm.

– Lenght: 6.060mm. 

– Width: 2.440mm.

– Height: 2.590mm.

– Lenght: 12.190mm.

– Width: 2.440mm.

– Height: 2.895mm.

– Lenght: 12.190mm.

Inside – Width: 2.286mm.

– Height: 2.265mm.

– Lenght: 5.485mm.

– Width: 2.291mm.

– Height: 2.225mm.

– Lenght: 11.558mm.

– Width: 2.296mm.

– Height: 2.521mm.

– Lenght: 11.572mm.

Door size – Width: 2.286mm.

– Height: 2.224mm.

– Width: 2.291mm.

– Height: 2.191mm.

– Width: 2.296mm.

– Height: 2.494mm.

Volume  28,4m³ 58,92m³ 66,98m³
Container weight 3.200kg 4.110kg 4.290kg
Weight of goods 27.280kg 28.390kg 28.210kg
Maximum weight (including shell) 30.480kg 32.500kg 32.500kg

Advantages and applications of refrigerated containers

Possessing many outstanding features and advantages, refrigerated containers are not only widely used in the market to serve the needs of transporting and preserving goods but also ensure quality and keep goods in good condition. best thai.

Below are some outstanding advantages and applications of this type of container.

Closed refrigeration structure

Preserve goods quickly without needing to be taken to cold storage through a closed refrigeration structure. Thanks to that, we save time and costs of transporting goods and food to customers.

Can preserve many types of goods

Refrigerated containers are designed with a special structure, which can create cold chambers with different temperature levels, suitable for each type of goods.

The temperature is always maintained stable

The temperature is always maintained stable

In addition, refrigerated containers are also equipped with temperature recording devices, making the process of monitoring and controlling the coldness of goods easier and more convenient.

Solid structure, high durability

Refrigerated containers are made of durable steel with a sturdy structure and are manufactured using modern technology, meeting ISO standards. Therefore, refrigerated containers can operate well in many different environmental conditions, including rain, strong wind, intense sunlight,… 

According to assessments, the average lifespan of a refrigerated container can be up to 70 years if used and stored properly.

Variety of sizes

Refrigerated containers are designed in a variety of sizes, from 10 feet to 45 feet, to best meet all your needs. In addition, when transporting goods with this type of container, you can transport it by road or sea. This is considered an effective solution that brings a faster return on investment and is more suitable to needs than specialized reefer ships.

Hung Thinh Container specializes in buying, selling and leasing refrigerated containers

Hung Thinh Container specializes in providing and renting refrigerated containers with the best quality and price on the market

Hung Thinh Container specializes in providing, refrigerated container rental with the best quality and price on the market

Hung Thinh Container is a unit with 14 years of experience specializing in distributing refrigerated containers on the market, trusted and highly appreciated by many customers for the quality of products and services because:

  • Only provide genuine products, 100% new, with documents proving origin.
  • Full warranty according to the manufacturer’s regulations.
  • Providing professional container repair services with specialized equipment such as foam machines, vacuum pumps, refrigerant gas recovery machines,…
  • Support installation of control and exploitation configuration software for the refrigeration system. These software are all provided by today’s leading brands such as Thermoking, Carrier, Daikin and Star Cool.
  • Possessing a team of experienced technicians, who are engineers specializing in refrigeration, industrial electricity, and industrial welding.

Besides, to optimize initial investment costs for customers, Hung Thinh Container also provides reefer container rental services of various sizes and prices. Refrigerated containers for rent at Hung Thinh Container are thoroughly inspected by technicians, ensuring the quality is no less competitive than new products.

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