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45 feet refrigerated container is a product line improved from the 40-foot refrigerated container line with larger size and load, helping to increase efficiency. The product is commonly used in transporting goods that need refrigeration such as fresh food, vegetables, fruits, etc. Join Hung Thinh Container to learn more about the product through the shared article. down here!

Refrigerated container 45 feet - Secondhand - Hung Thinh Container

Refrigerated container 45 feet – Secondhand – Hung Thinh Container

Refrigerated container size is 45 feet

To understand the size of a 45-foot container, customers can refer to the information table below.

Parameter type

Meter Feet, inc

Cover size

Lenght 13,716 45ft



8ft 2,4in

Height 2,896

9ft 6in

Inner size


13,556 44ft 5,7in




Height 2,695

8ft 10,1in

Door opening degree

Height 2,585

8ft 5,8in



7ft 11,1in



Empty container weight


Net load


Total load


Advantages of the 45-foot reefer container product line

Refrigerated containers are trusted by many businesses thanks to their outstanding advantages in structure, size and cold storage ability.

The structure is sturdy and safe

With a basic steel frame structure and standard design parameters in terms of size, the shell uses sturdy original steel materials, the 45-foot reefer container has load-bearing capacity, sturdiness, and safety. and high stability.

45 foot container structure ensures stability and safety

45 foot container structure ensures stability and safety

The 45-foot refrigerated container is equipped with insulated foam walls and a stainless steel/aluminum exterior, combined with a corrugated design. In particular, the floor surface is composed of 3 layers, with the inner layer being stainless steel, the middle layer being heat-insulating PU and the outer layer being stainless aluminum, helping to increase circulation and maintain the temperature inside the container at a regulated level. to ensure operational efficiency. Besides, it also makes cleaning easier. At the same time, it helps containers resist harsh impacts from the environment and weather.

According to assessments, the average lifespan of containers can reach 70 years if used and preserved properly and effectively.

Large size, can hold many types of goods

A 45-foot refrigerated container has quite a large volume and length, so it can hold goods in large quantities, helping to shorten the number of times to transport goods and save time. Thanks to that, the number of orders shipped increases, bringing more revenue to the business.

Ability to preserve and maintain product quality

Depending on each item, the type of product being transported as well as the customer’s request, the temperature inside the container will be flexibly adjusted accordingly, helping the goods to always be preserved in the best possible conditions. .

The 45-foot refrigerated container is equipped with a refrigeration system and temperature adjustment through a smart control screen, a friendly interface, and simple operations to help operators easily use and control the environment well. internal temperature of the container. From there, you can ensure that the goods inside are always maintained at the appropriate temperature.

Cost savings

As mentioned, with the ability to hold a large amount of goods, a 45-foot refrigerated container can significantly reduce the number of transportation times, effectively saving costs.

Besides, with the characteristics of easy relocation, sturdy structure, and stackable, the product is also effective in saving space and warehouse costs.

Containers can be stacked on top of each other, helping to save space and warehouse costs

Containers can be stacked on top of each other, helping to save space and warehouse costs

Application of 45 feet refrigerated container

With many outstanding advantages, the 45-foot refrigerated container product line is commonly used in mobile cold storage, helping to preserve and maintain the quality of goods in the best condition. Some specific applications of 45-foot refrigerated containers include:

  • Transporting fresh foods such as flowers, fruits, meat, seafood,…
  • Transportation of frozen foods.
  • Transporting pharmaceuticals and drugs.
  • Make a warehouse for frozen goods or mobile refrigerated storage.
  • In addition, containers are also used as houses and field offices thanks to their ideal height and quite large area.

Quote for 45 feet refrigerated container

Depending on the supplier, refrigerated containers on the market have many different prices. For detailed information about the price list of 40 feet reefer containers and 45 feet reefer containers, please contact Hung Thinh Container via hotline for the fastest support!

Reasons to buy 45 feet refrigerated containers at Hung Thinh Container

After 15 years of operation and development in the field of buying, selling and leasing 45-foot reefer containers in particular and all types of reefer containers in general, Hung Thinh Container is proud to be a reputable unit in the market, with many customers. Trusted and highly appreciated for the following outstanding advantages:

  • Only provide quality, genuine products with clear proof of origin.

Hung Thinh Container - a provider of 45-foot refrigerated containers with guaranteed quality and reputation

Hung Thinh Container – a provider of 45-foot refrigerated containers with guaranteed quality and reputation

  • A team of skilled, experienced, and professional technicians. They are all engineers specializing in industrial welding, industrial electricity, and refrigeration.
  • Ensure full warranty support according to the manufacturer’s regulations.
  • Dedicated support in software installation and control configuration for the container’s refrigeration system.
  • Only use cooling system control software from leading brands on the market today such as Star Cool, Daikin, Carrier, Thermoking.
  • Before being rented, products are thoroughly checked by technicians, helping to ensure good product quality.
  • Dedicated and cheerful consultants.
  • Reasonable price, ensuring competitiveness.

Thus, through the above article, Hung Thinh Container has helped customers better understand the 45-foot refrigerated container product line. If you need to buy, rent or get more detailed advice about 45 feet refrigerated container or other types of refrigerated containers such as 10 foot refrigerated container, 20 feet refrigerated container, 40 feet refrigerated container,… please contact Hung Thinh Container to receive detailed information and consulting support quickly and most effectively!

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