– For goods that have been refrigerated and the set temperature is negative (-), it is necessary to turn off the machine when packing and only run the machine when the door is closed. For goods that have not been cooled or cooled with positive (+) temperatures, the machine should not be run when packing goods, only run in cases where it is absolutely necessary (because when packing goods, the door is open and the cooling effect is negligible.

– Do not pack the goods beyond the prescribed red line, do not drop the goods into the ventilation groove on the floor and do not pack the goods touching the container door (because you must leave a way for the wind to circulate). When packing, you must immediately cool the goods. right.

– Goods that have not been refrigerated or cooled should be packed in 3 times in the summer and in 2 times in the winter, at least 6 hours apart.

– During cold running, you must regularly monitor. In case the temperature in the container is below 10oC, the machine operates normally but the temperature does not decrease or tends to increase, you should lift the M.D. switch for about 2 seconds. Drop down or on the DAIKIN machine, press the MANUAL DEFROST button and then press the ENTER button to activate the snow removal mode. The machine will then automatically run again when the snow removal is complete. In other cases of problems, you should notify the shipping company for instructions on handling.


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