[Knowledge sharing] Container shipping and things you need to know

Businesses want to learn or need to buy the best type of specialized container to transport goods. However, it is still unclear what goods container shipping is suitable for. Procedure Container shipping and what are the freight charges for exported goods? In this article, Hung Thinh Container will answer these questions!

Why should goods be transported by container?

Why should goods be transported by container?

Why is shipping goods by container popular?

Container shipping is a method of transport associated with goods in many fields, especially industry and construction. Although container shipping was born later than other methods of transporting goods, this method has made great strides.

According to statistics, the number of container shipping increases continuously every year to meet the growing and integrating economy. However, not all businesses have the ability to fully provide the equipment, machinery and staff equipped with highly skilled and specialized skills to perform this work. Therefore, when there is a need to transport goods by container, it is best to choose reputable and quality units to ensure that the goods are transported to the right place.

What goods are transported in containers?

What goods are transported in containers?

Below are some reasons why many people choose containers as a method of transporting goods.

Be proactive about your time

With current forms of transporting goods, transport units often have spaced delivery times for inter-provincial routes after collecting enough goods for one trip. Therefore, sometimes the delivery time to the recipient will not be as expected by the sender, which may delay the plan, sometimes greatly affecting revenue and profits.

Container shipping service was born to help businesses be flexible in time and send goods anywhere. The delivery time of the container shipping service is very fast, shortening the time it takes to circulate goods from one place to another.

Can transport large volumes

The advantage of container shipping is that it can transport goods in quantities from a few tons to several thousand tons such as: agricultural products, construction materials, etc. There are many types of containers such as: refrigerated containers, dry container ,… with sizes of 10 feet, 20 feet, 40 feet or 45 feet, choose accordingly depending on your needs.

Transporting goods by container in large quantities

Transporting goods by container in large quantities

Ensuring goods quality

Refrigerated containers are made of durable steel material so they can protect goods well. Furthermore, the container has 4 closed corners and 1 door, so when transported, the container will be sealed by the rental unit/company to protect the goods from situations such as theft and damage. , contamination,… due to the influence of the external environment.

Cost optimization

Container shipping is suitable for goods that need to be circulated in large quantities. Besides, using the form of single consolidation will have a much lower cost than shipping individual goods, helping businesses save more time and money.

Furthermore, work thuê container lạnh for frozen and fresh products, it also limits the need to destroy products due to unsafe storage conditions compared to other forms of transportation. Businesses should choose refrigerated container size matches the needs and quantity of goods to ensure quality, without wasting too much.

What goods is suitable for shipping containers?

Knowing which items are suitable for containers will help businesses make better choices.

Domestic items are suitable for shipping by container

  • Large-volume goods cannot be transported by conventional trucks.
  • The goods are not large in volume but can be arranged to fit into the container.
  • Goods can fit into one or more containers.

Large volume goods will require container shipping

Large volume goods will require container shipping

Import and export products

Currently, most import and export items are suitable for container transportation from rice, pepper, cashew, coffee,… to high-tech items such as equipment, machinery, furniture, etc. electronic,…

Which items are not suitable for shipping by container?

Consulting in advance about items that are not suitable for shipping by container helps businesses be more proactive in arranging and circulating goods in accordance with the plan.

High value items need to be shipped quickly

High-value items such as jewelry, frozen foods, fresh foods, fruits, etc. that need to be transported in a short time should be used by air. Although this form of transportation is expensive, it is safer and faster than other transportation methods.

Shipments need to be transported by specialized ships

Shipments that need to be transported by specialized ships include: liquefied petroleum gas, crude oil, cars, etc. However, if these items are small in volume, specialized containers can still be transported.

What is the process of shipping containers with export goods?

Transport containers with import and export goods according to the following specific steps:

  • Step 1: Contact the shipping company to find a ship that fits the shipping schedule. Currently, most types of trains run on a fixed frequency, at least weekly, and there are many shipping lines so businesses can freely choose.
  • Step 2: Refer to shipping rates and other related costs. Be aware of any additional fees that may arise because they may be larger than the sea freight cost.
  • Step 3: Sign a storage agreement and declare to the shipping company important information such as: cargo name, number of containers, departure port, destination port, expected ship trip,…
  • Step 4: Pack the goods into containers, then transport them to the port.
  • Step 5: Carry out export customs procedures.
  • Step 6: Carry out documentation procedures.

What are the shipping costs by container?

What are the shipping costs by container?

Container shipping charges for each type of goods

Update the container shipping price list for each type of goods, however, this price list is for reference only, please contact Hung Thinh Container for the most detailed prices!

 Transport by road

Freight rates for transporting containers by road to Ho Chi Minh City port are as follows:


20ft container (million VND/cont)

40ft container (million VND/cont)

Ho Chi Minh City area

2,150 – 3,150 1,350 – 3,450

Binh Dương

2,250 – 3,350 2,550 – 3,550

Đong Nai

2,350 – 3,450

2,650 – 3,950

BA Ria – Vung Tau 3,750 – 4,450

4,050 – 4,650

Long An 3,250 – 3,750

3,450 – 3,960

Tiền Giang 4,450 – 6,750

4,950 – 7,250

Price list for transporting containers by road

 Shipping by sea

Container shipping rates by sea will change from year to year, specifically:


20ft container (million VND/cont)

40ft container (million VND/cont)

Hai Phong – TPHCM

5,750 6,350

TPHCM – Hai Phong

3,350 6,350

Hai Phong – Đà Nang



Đa Nang – Hai Phong 2,150


TPHCM – Đa Nang 3,750


Đa Nang – TPHCM 4,150


Price list for shipping containers by sea

Above is the container shipping price list but does not include some other fees such as:

  • Documentation fee.
  • Container cleaning fee.
  • Container repair fee.

The information provided about container shipping methods introduced in the article has certainly helped businesses gain experience in choosing the optimal and most economical method of goods circulation. Contact Hung Thinh Container immediately via hotline or visit the website for advice on the most detailed container buying, selling, and leasing services!

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